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Free E-Book : My First Pimple

A parent's guide to TWEEN's

Natural skin care

In this book, we have incorporated all of our learnings about preteen skin care so that as a mother, you can find out everything you need to know in order to keep your children's skin healthy as well as preventing future proliferation of acne in adolescence.

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What Will You Find In This Book?

What is Acne?

When learining about the different types of acne, you can be prepared to prevent it.

How to keep a healthy skin?

Acne can be derived from a bacterium or fungus, which can find in your skin, an environment suitable to its skin. When the skin is healthy, it is able to defend itself against the many threats it is exposed to, including acne.

How to establish a cleaning routine to prevent or treat acne?

Although there are some uncontrollable causes of acne, there are many causes